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  • Policy Number: SP.01.013
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: N. Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 11/27/01
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


The English undergraduate program at CSUCI has several goals, the primary of which is meeting the philosophical, educational and cultural objectives of the university mission statement Within this overarching goal, the program will stress interdisciplinarity and the multicultural, global perspective which is the hallmark of Channel Islands programs. Students will receive a solid education in the fields of Literature and Writing, and they will be well prepared to enter their professions or to move on to graduate studies. Students wishing to obtain more depth in a given area may choose an emphasis in Creative Writing or MultiCultural Literature, or they may obtain a certificate in Technical Writing. The English program will also provide a possible choice of concentration for the Liberal Studies program at CSUCI; several other programs have listed one or more English courses as requirements for their majors; and writing courses are offered which will serve each discipline in the university. Interdisciplinary courses in the English program provide breadth of knowledge as well as possibilities for interactions with other degree programs and the opportunity for students to make connections between ideas and fields of knowledge.


A degree program in English is part of the foundation of virtually every major university in the United States and can be found in most major universities around the world. Courses in English language and literature arc required for undergraduates in the CSU system and the UC system. A degree in English prepares students for work in a variety of fields, as many corporations and institutions are as interested in employees who can communicate well as they are in employees who have acquired a skill. An English degree provides students with a well rounded education and preparation for success in their personal and professional lives.





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The major in English at California State University Channel Islands focuses on the study of Literature, Writing and Criticism in an interdisciplinary context. Students develop a sound foundation in all three areas while developing analytical and critical skills, as well as the ability to explore, organize, and articulate ideas through writing. Literature and language are significant cultural phenomena that shape and are shaped by particular contexts; therefore, this program addresses the historical and cultural significance of English as a language and as a body of texts.

Course work in the English program is completed in three areas. Foundation courses provide the tools for intellectual discussion of materials. Interdisciplinary courses provide the student an opportunity to make connections with different ideas, different approaches and different ways of knowing. The required sequence provides for more in-depth investigation in a specialized field of English Literature, Writing or Education. In addition, the student may choose to pursue an emphasis is Creative Writing or Multi-Cultural Literature, or a certificate in Technical Writing.

English majors will keep a portfolio of work produced in each of their required courses and electives. The student will work closely with his or her advisor in developing the portfolio, which will be reviewed by the instructor as a prerequisite to the capstone course. At the end of the capstone, when all course requirements have been fulfilled for the major, there will be a review the final portfolio.



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