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  • Policy Number: AA.12.008
  • Version:
  • Drafted By: Ginger Reyes
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date: 08.30.19
  • Supercedes:


The CSU application for admission and application fee (or waiver) are required from each applicant for a specific term. CSU Channel Islands offers a process to postpone enrollment in certain circumstances.


Title 5, 41800.1 Application Fees



Admissions & Recruitment Office


Any applicant who finds it necessary to move his/her application for admission forward to the next term for which applications are accepted.


Roll-Over: To move the application for admission from the original term of application to the next subsequent term for which applications are accepted.


Normally, an application for admission is applicable only to the term of original application. In cases of documented hardship, the applicant may request in writing that his/her application be rolled over to the next semester for which applications are accepted. Such a request must be submitted to the Admissions & Recruitment Office no later than the census date of the semester for which the applicant originally applied. Approval is granted at the discretion of the Admissions & Recruitment Office. Approval is only for the admission application and application fee and does not include enrollment or orientation.



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