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  • Policy Number: UA.02.004
  • Version:
  • Drafted By:
  • Approved By: Richard Yao President
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date: 3.27.23
  • Supercedes:


This policy establishes the University Art Review Committee and the guidelines for acquisition, acceptance and loans to the University of works of art, antiquities and artifacts for display and the University’s permanent collections. This policy provides guidelines to facilitate the installation of acquired art in public spaces on campus; and to inform the University community of the art collection held or owned by the University excluding University Glen and Town Center property. Exempted from this policy are individual or shared offices, classrooms, studios, dedicated arts buildings (e.g., Napa Hall, Topanga Hall), and student residence halls.


CSU Executive Order 276 (Policy Stat ID8294159); California Civil Code 987 & 989
This policy is supported by Section 2 of the Standing Orders of the Board of Trustees of the California State University, and as further delegated by the Standing Delegations of Administrative Authority. It considers recommendations of the International Council on Museums and the American Association of Museums. This policy shall operate within the standards provided by the CSU Policy on Art Collection Management



The University Art Review Committee will be charged with advancing public art on campus in order to celebrate and uphold human creativity, our region and its history, and the values, history, and diversity of California State University Channel Islands. Public art on the campus of California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) should expand and increase awareness of and sensitivity to the environment it creates and enrich the campus’s cultural environment. Objects acquired, accepted, and on loan should enhance the educational experience for students, enrich the intellectual culture, and reflect the mission of the University. Final approval is determined by the President or President’s designee. The objects recommended for donation will be accepted on behalf of the CSUCI Foundation by the Vice President for University Advancement after final approval has been given. Items recommended for long-term loan will be accepted on behalf of the University by the President or President’s designee after final approval has been given. Items recommended for purchase or commission will be accepted on behalf of the University by the President or President’s designee after final approval has been given.


This policy applies to all acquisitions, commissions, and acceptance by CSUCI of artwork, antiquities and artifacts, from any source, that will be considered for the University’s permanent collection, for display in public spaces, or for loan to the University, including acquisitions and acceptances by academic programs, the University Library, campus archives, University Advancement, and other campus departments and divisions, and to acquisitions and acceptances associated with capital projects. Exempted from this policy are works of art displayed in or on loan for regular art exhibitions held in campus galleries. This policy is not applicable to land or real estate, financial instruments, normal library acquisition activities (including special & archival collections), or items intended primarily for instructional or scientific research activities


Works of Art: refers to any medium or type of work that may include but not be limited to assemblages, bas-reliefs, ceramics, digital media, earthworks, electronic media, network-based, fiber, frescoes, inscriptions of text, mobiles, mosaics, murals, paintings, photographs, sculpture, textiles, tapestries, waterworks, and works that form integral physical parts of buildings. Works of art may also include functional elements of capital improvement projects such as benches, gates, lighting devices, and landscaping that are intended as artistic elements.
Public Space: is defined as any property or open space that is visible or accessible from a public right-of-way. These include but are not limited to sidewalks, plazas, buildings, parking areas, and sports and recreational facilities. Public space can also be classified into interior public space and exterior public space. Exempted from this policy are individual or shared offices, classrooms, studios, dedicated arts buildings (e.g., Napa Hall, Topanga Hall), student residence halls, and artwork funded through the ASI or Student Body Center fees for the purpose of display either internal or external to the Student Union Building.
Provenance: a work of art’s place of origin and its record of ownership.
California State University Channel Islands: any buildings, grounds, or property that is owned, operated, or leased by California State University Channel Islands. This policy excludes space managed by The Site Authority including University Glen and Town Center property.


University Art Review Committee
The University Art Review Committee (UARC) shall make recommendations to the University President on all matters related to the acquisition and loan of art and the deaccession of existing art in the University’s possession. The UARC shall be responsible for determining the placement, maintenance, removal, and relocation of art in the University’s possession.
The Committee shall:
• advise the University President and the Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs on matters concerning the aesthetic environment of campus, including public art, permanent and temporary art displays, and the physical environment such as interior and exterior public spaces;
• develop a vision for public art and the physical environment that is specific to the mission of CSUCI;
• propose a strategy for implementing this vision, acquiring, maintaining, and deaccessioning public art and enhancing the physical environment through a practice of inclusive excellence;
• catalogue existing public art and important aesthetic aspects of the campus physical environment;
• propose a long-term funding model for public art at CSUCI;
• make recommendations on proposals for new installations and the creation, maintenance, and modification of significant aesthetic spaces on campus, including modifications to the campus architectural style;
• ensure meaningful and extensive collaboration with responsible University offices, including colleagues in Facilities Services, Environmental Health & Safety, and University Advancement, in order to ensure that proper installation, maintenance, safety concerns, ADA regulations, and donor stewardship are addressed and considered;
• develop bylaws that specify procedures for submission and review by the committee and invited panelists;
• engage campus units and communities impacted by and invested in specific public art proposals by creating a campus community feedback mechanism to ensure the diverse voices of students, faculty and staff inform evaluations and decisions; and
• operate in a transparent manner that is inclusive and collaborative, balancing the needs and desires of campus stakeholders with independent evaluation of aesthetic merit and artistic vision.
The UARC may organize advisory and/or resource subcommittees in fulfillment of this work, as necessary. The UARC may also provide consultation for University projects related to art, aesthetics, and campus beautification, as requested.
Composition of the University Art Review Committee
The voting members of the UARC are appointed by the President and will be comprised of the following:
1. Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences (Chair), ex officio or designee;
2. Dean of the Library & Learning Resources, ex officio or designee;
3. Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs, ex officio, or designee;
4. Vice President for University Advancement, ex officio, or designee;
5. Assistant Vice President for Facilities, ex officio, or designee;
6. Faculty member from the Art program;
7. University Development representative;
8. Director of Planning & Design;
9. Staff representative recommended by Staff Council;
10. Student representative, recommended by Associated Students, Inc.;
11. Student representative from the Art program; and
12. Additional members from the community including Facilities Services, affected Colleges, programs, units, or other areas may be included as necessary, as voting members or in advisory roles, as recommended by the UARC and/or appointed by the University President.
Details regarding the UARC:
• All members are voting members.
• Simple majority vote establishes the decision.
• The UARC shall meet at the request of the UARC Chair, as needed.
• Minutes will be taken for all meetings and a report written for submission to the University President, with copies to all members.
• Student appointed members will serve a 1-year term.
• All other appointed members will serve a 2-year term.
Continuous Renewal
This policy shall be reviewed five years from its effective date to determine its effectiveness and appropriateness. This policy may be reviewed before that time, as necessary.


Procedures for Acquisition, Loans to the University, and Deaccession

Artwork, Antiquities and Artifacts Proposal and Acquisition/Acceptance Form

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