California State University Channel Islands is committed to maintaining an educational and work environment free of discrimination and all forms of coercion that impede professional and academic freedom and diminishes any member of the University community.  We emphasize this commitment specifically as it pertains to the prevention of sexual harassment and to the obligations of students, faculty, and staff.  The CSU  Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Harassment in Employment and Retaliation for Reporting Harassment or Participation in a Harassment Investigation (Executive Order 1096), is the California State University's systemwide policy that protects employees, applicants, and independent contractors from unlawful harassment and retaliation for reporting harassment. Executive Order 1096 also reemphasizes the importance of training the CSU community on anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies and procedures in order to prevent and correct harassment. The California State University will take action to eliminate harassment, which is conduct subject to disciplinary action.

For a full description, view Executive Order 1096.

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