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  • Policy Number: SP.09.007
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Mary Adler, Scot Frisch, Blake Gillespie, Tiina Itkonen, Joan Karp, Brad Monsma, Ashish Vaidya, Dan Wakelee and the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) 2009-2010: Bob Bleicher (Chair), Minder Chen, Marie Francois, Blake Gillespie, Debra Hoffman, Sean Kelly, Jacquelyn Kilpatrick
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


To establish policy on shared appointments



At present, CSU Channel Islands has no policy governing shared or joint appointments. This policy seeks to institutionalize our commitment to integrative instruction and mission-based decision making at the faculty level. The policy formally recognizes that the full potential of some tenure-track faculty members may encompass more than one program area. It also supports a flexible hiring process by enabling programs to hire faculty by pooling resources and by attracting candidates with innovative scholarly or teaching expertise in more than one discipline. Finally, it encourages a broader sense of collegial responsibility for curricular and co-curricular development across programs.





All tenure-track CSUCI faculty who hold shared appointments.


Academic Unit/Program: an academic program, department, division, college, institute, school or center.

Home Unit/Program: the Unit/Program most relevant to the discipline of the faculty member making the request for the shared appointment and with which the faculty member feels the closest identity. Generally, this will be the unit/program in which the faculty member holds the higher percentage of appointment. Generally, the home unit also supports the faculty member administratively. 

Shared Appointment: faculty members hold shared appointments if they have appointments in two or more California State University Channel Islands Unit/Programs. 

Sharing Unit/Program: an academic Unit/Program that has joined with a faculty member’s identified Home Unit/Program in a collaborative manner to support a shared academic appointment.

Policy Text

A tenure-track faculty member seeking a joint appointment shall, upon receiving a simple majority of votes cast by the eligible faculty of the sharing unit(s), complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU shall be agreed to and signed by the faculty member, chairs of the shared and home units, the Dean, Faculty Affairs Office, and the Provost. 

The Collective Bargaining Agreement of the California State University shall take precedence over this agreement. 

For University committees or the Academic Senate, the faculty member will be represented within the college/school in which the Home Unit resides.

Procedural Recommendations

Procedurally, it is recommended that:

  • The Center for Integrative Studies be involved in supporting shared appointments in order to assist faculty members in negotiating any difficult issues that arise between/among the home units and shared units and to serve as the intellectual home for the shared faculty member. It is recommended that the director of CIS coordinate with the Dean(s) in this support;
  • Funding for shared appointments be requested and announced by the Dean(s) at the same time as other searches are conducted;
  • For probationary faculty and tenured Associates, the MOU include an agreement about how the shared appointment will be considered in light of the RTP process;
  • The MOU include a dissolution clause written with all stakeholders’ agreement;
  • The MOU contain a term clause.



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