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  • Policy Number: SP.05.008
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Scott A. Frisch
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supercedes:


Political Science is the study of government, public policies and political behavior.  Political Science uses both humanistic and scientific perspectives and skills to examine all countries and regions of the world.  The major in Political Science will be based on the educational objectives emphasized in the California State University Channel Island’s mission.  All students graduating with a degree in Political Science will have taken course work and developed competencies in all four key areas of the university mission:  interdisciplinary and integrative learning; multicultural perspectives; international perspectives and civic engagement through service learning or experiential learning.  Unlike traditional political science majors, all students will be required to complete a course on racial politics in the United States.  This is not only consistent with our mission, but it reflects the ethnic and racial reality of California in the 21st century.  The curriculum will have a strong international component as well, as all graduates will take international politics, and comparative government, and many of the elective courses emphasize international perspectives.  All students graduating from CSUCI must complete nine units of upper division interdisciplinary course work.  Finally, experiential and service learning are woven throughout the curriculum, and the required capstone course is a community based project designed to synthesize learning through analysis of an important policy issue.





Political Science Program






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