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  • Policy Number: SP.04.042
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By:
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


The Channel Islands Alzheimer’s Institute (CI-AI) provides interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities in the area of Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery for CSU Channel Islands faculty and undergraduate and graduate students

The Long-Term Objectives of the Channel Islands Alzheimer’s Institute are the following:

  • To develop research excellence in Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery.
  • To secure CSU system (CSUPERB), state, and federal grant and contract funding to support the research activities performed by AI-CI.
  • To develop community relationships facilitating directed donations to CI-AI through the CSUCI Foundation.
  • To publish research and patent intellectual property developed by AI-CI.
  • To license intellectual property and secure revenues that will benefit AI-CI and CSUCI, in accordance with the CSUCI Intellectual Property policy.

The Short-Term Objectives of the Channel Islands Alzheimer’s Institute are the following:

  • To establish Alzheimer’s disease research on the campus using “conditioned extracts” obtained through “chemical conditioning” of natural materials (Figure 1).
  • To remodel a small research laboratory for use by the Channel Islands Alzheimer’s Institute.
  • To obtain chemical separation and analysis equipment and biological compound purification equipment for the research lab that could be used both by CI-AI and by university faculty in their Chemistry and Biology courses.
  • To develop an archived collection of novel drug-like compounds for biological testing obtained from purified conditioned extracts.
  • To allow companies the opportunity to pay royalties to obtain access to the diversity of molecules in the archived 96-well plate extracts for screening in their own assays for the desired biological activity.
  • To secure funding from a range of public and private sources to support the research of the Channel Islands Alzheimer’s Institute.











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