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  • Policy Number: SP.03.016-B
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By:
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:




The following policies will be adhered to at California State University Channel Islands for all courses designated as Service Learning-Courses, Service-Learning Internships or courses with Service Learning components (hereafter collectively referred to as “Service- Learning Courses”).







*Service learning is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities, while engaging students in reflection upon what was experienced, how the community was benefited, and what was learned. *Adapted from the National Commission on Service Learning Definition.


All Service Learning Courses must:

  • Serve a genuine community need.
  • Integrate course learning and teaching objectives with the service-learning activities.
  • Provide activities to engage students in reflection about the service experience and the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Generate for each student, before placement, a Student Learning Plan, signed by the student, faculty instructor and authorized Community Organization (“CO”) representative, that identifies course goals and risks.
  • Complete feedback forms on the value and effectiveness of the service-learning experience from the perspective of the student, faculty instructor and CO.1
  • Provide a description of the service-learning component of the class in the syllabus, stating whether service learning is a required component or not and what percentage of the course grade the service learning component comprises.

Service-Learning Agreement: A signed Service-Learning Agreement between California State University Channel Islands and the CO must be on file before any students are placed at the CO.


Service Learning Course Flow Chart

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