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  • Policy Number: SP 20-02
  • Version: New
  • Drafted By: Academic Senate Taskforce: Theresa Avila, Karina Chavarria, LaSonya Davis, Marie Francoise, Miguel Delgado Helleseter, Robin Mitchell, Kaia Tollefson, Bryan Tomlin, Brittnee Veldman, William Wagner, and Gregory Wood
  • Approved By: Richard Yao, Interim President
  • Approval Date: February 09, 2021
  • Effective Date: Fall 2021
  • Supercedes:


Policy Text:

Charge (to be inserted as section 5.12.j in the Bylaws) 

  1. All work of the committee shall be through the lens of equity, anti-racism, diversity and/or inclusion, as they are currently defined and as pertains to faculty.
  2. New policies, policy changes, and any campus wide shared definitions in the following areas shall be reviewed by this Committee: faculty hiring; MPP hiring; retention, tenure and promotion; compensation and workload; unit, department or program bylaws; and revisions, additions and evaluations to campus wide shared definitions.
  3. Any other policy or other governing documents such as Program/Department bylaws, may be referred to this committee from the senate, or senate exec, or from any faculty member, for the purpose of review.
  4. Reviews and recommends the University’s methods to improve recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse faculty and ensure equity in compensation and workload, accounting for cultural taxation. Advocate for similar conditions for all CSUCI employees.
  5. Advocates for access to programming to educate faculty (and other campus employees) about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism.
  6. Heightens faculty’s awareness of the campus’ diversity, equity and inclusion goals, policies, and procedures; and works with Colleges and Departments to achieve these goals.
  7. Prepares, with the assistance of Faculty Affairs, an annual report on diversity, equity and inclusion to be presented to the Faculty Senate, with recommendations, in the spring semester. This report shall include:
    1. Areas in which policy and procedure and funding need to be established to promote equity, anti-racism, diversity and/or inclusion.
    2. Short-term and long-term goals for campus diversity, equity and inclusion, and evaluates progress toward achieving those goals.

Membership (to be inserted as section 5.11j in the Bylaws)

  1. Voting Members
    5 tenure/tenure track faculty representatives and 2 lecturer faculty representatives. (No two representatives may be from the same department/program)
  2. Non-Voting/Ex-Officio Members
    a. Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion, or designee
    b. AVP for Faculty Affairs, or designee
    c. Ombudsperson, or designee
    d. Staff Representative, chosen by Staff Council
    e. Representative of the President’s Advisory Council on Inclusive Excellence
    f. CFA Representative
    g. Chief Diversity Officer
    h. Student representative
  3. Terms
    a. The term of service for the faculty representatives shall be two years. Voting members may be re-elected. Terms will be staggered to ensure that approximately one-half of the faculty members are appointed each year.
    b. The term of office of the Chair shall be one year.
    c. A faculty member may serve up to three consecutive one-year terms as the Committee Chair. After one year off, the faculty member shall become eligible for election as Chair.
    d. The Chair is responsible for establishing the agenda for each meeting.


Operations (NOT to be added to the Bylaws – internal to committee)

  1. The Committee shall be a committee of the Academic Senate, reporting to the same.
  2. Issues addressed by the Committee may be referred by the Academic Senate to any of the Senate Committees of the Faculty Senate. Where the work of another senate committee overlaps with that of this committee, they shall work together.
  3. Given list of faculty hires in timely fashion to allow contact with department to provide training feedback (prior to job ad) and allow time to distribute list of good places to advertise.
  4. The goal of offering training is that all faculty will be able to craft good policy. The special role of this committee is to point out bad policy not to specify all solutions.
  5. In regard to pay, compensation and workload: the committee is encouraged to point faculty to resources so that the faculty member can make a compelling case, not to do such work for the faculty, and to stand behind credible, compelling cases of inequity.
  6. As much as possible, training and best practices should be shared broadly across campus. Willing partners across campus will use the materials.
  7. Refer to SR 20-07 (Senate Resolution on Anti-Racist Actions to Realize the Truth that
    Black Lives Matter) which will add specificity and provide background to the creation of
    this committee.
  8. Vice Chair
    a. At its first meeting of the academic year, the Committee shall elect from its voting members a Vice-Chair.
    b. The term of office of the Vice-Chair shall be one academic year.
    c. The Vice-Chair shall preside over the routine business of the Committee in the
    absence of the Committee Chair, or should the office of the Committee Chair become vacant, until the election of a new Committee Chair.
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