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  • Policy Number: SP.02.002
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By:
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 3/4/03
  • Effective Date: 3/4/03
  • Supercedes:


Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness (SETE) are necessary for faculty members to be considered for reappointment, tenure, promotion, and post-tenure review.







CSU faculty members.




Faculty shall comply with CSU and University policies regarding student evaluations:

  • All tenured and probationary faculty are required to conduct student evaluations for submission to their Personnel Action Files for a minimum of two courses per year.
  • All tenured and probationary faculty are required to select courses for SETE with automatic inclusion in their Personnel Action Files by the end of the sixth week of each semester.
  • The SETE forms permanently included in the files should reflect a balanced representation of all courses taught at California State University Channel Islands.
  • All temporary faculty are required to conduct student evaluations in all courses they teach.
  • Instructors are not to review the student evaluations until after grades have been issued for the semester.
  • Tenured and probationary faculty are encouraged to administer SETE evaluations to all their classes. Summary reports and forms not selected for PAF are returned to the faculty members.
  • Instructors for team-taught courses and for labs associated with lectures may request separate student evaluations.


  1. SETE forms and materials are distributed to faculty members, through the- instructional dean's office, during the twelfth week of each semester.
  2. Included in each SETE package is a pink sheet for the faculty member, if he/she wishes to describe unusual circumstances regarding the class (e.g., texts not available, room changes, etc.).
  3. Also a sample evaluation form for the faculty member is included in each SETE package. Faculty should check the coded data on this form. If the data is incorrect-the wrong course number or section, for instance-the faculty member should note this on this sample form, not on the forms for students.
  4. The SETE evaluation will normally be administered to classes during a scheduled class hour after the twelfth week of classes and prior to the day of the final examination.
  5. The SETE forms are to be distributed by any faculty, staff, or student chosen by the instructor. To ensure the confidentiality of student responses, it is mandatory that someone other than the instructor open the SETE envelope. and distribute. collect, and deliver the SETE forms.
  6. Faculty must not be in the room during the administration of SETE.
  7. The person administering the evaluation takes the envelope, breaks the seal, gives the faculty the pink sheet and sample evaluation form, reads aloud the instructions to students, distributes the forms, and then collects the completed forms.
  8. After collecting the completed forms, the person administering the evaluation replaces them in the envelope with the instructor's pink sheet and sample form, the instructions, and remaining unused forms, and seals it with the label provided. The administrator of the forms and the instructor both must sign the sealed label.
  9. The sealed envelopes should be deposited, immediately following class, in the secured, locked SETE boxes located at the checkout desk in the University Library.
  10. When the computer printouts of evaluations are prepared and after final grades have been issued, the SETE material is handled as follows.

Tenured and probationary faculty

  1. SETE that are designated for automatic inclusion in Personnel Action Files:
    • Printouts summarizing results, and completed forms/student comments, are kept by the Office of Faculty Affairs.
    • Copies of printouts summarizing results are distributed to faculty for their personal use.
  2. SETE pot designated for submission to Personnel Action Files:
    • Printouts summarizing results, and completed forms/, are distributed to faculty. None are kept by the Office of Faculty Affairs.
    • If desired, a faculty member may forward a copy of the SETE results to the Office of Faculty Affairs for placement in his/her Personnel Action File. This material, however, will not substitute for the required automatically-included course evaluation.

Temporary faculty (including full-time lecturers)

Copies of SETE printouts summarizing results are sent to the faculty member and the Academic Coordinators. The completed forms/ student comments are kept in the Dean's office and shared with the Academic Coordinators and the faculty member.

  • Reviewing the contents of a SETE package before it is submitted, and/or tampering with SETE forms, is grounds for disciplinary action.



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