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  • Policy Number: SP.18.003
  • Version:
  • Drafted By: Academic Affairs
  • Approved By: Academic Senate
  • Approval Date: April 16, 2019
  • Effective Date: Fall 2019
  • Supercedes: SP.15.010


Revision of SP 15-10. This policy provides the Academic Appeals Board with more flexibility to review reinstatement appeals as they are submitted. It also ensures that students whose appeals are approved are be reinstated in a more timely manner, thereby facilitating a shorter time to degree.


Senate Policy 15-10 established the conditions under which disqualified students are able to petition for reinstatement.




All CSU Channel Islands students



In order to be considered for reinstatement to CSUCI, a disqualified student must demonstrate academic ability by completing additional coursework. All classes taken must be applicable for degree credit at CSUCI. After eliminating the grade-point deficiency, the student may petition the Academic Appeals Board for reinstatement. Students seeking reinstatement in the spring semester must submit the petition for reinstatement by December 1. Students seeking reinstatement for the fall semester must submit the petition for reinstatement by July 1. Students who are disqualified, reinstated, and become disqualified a second time will not be granted a second reinstatement.


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