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  • Policy Number: SP.16.007
  • Version: Revision 1
  • Drafted By: Senate Executive Committee 2016-2017
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date: April 20, 2017
  • Effective Date: April 20, 2017
  • Supercedes: AY.12.013


To amend Article 3.3 of the Academic Senate Bylaws.


The Bylaws of the CSU Channel Islands Academic Senate were last revised in AY12-13. There is no mechanism for selecting a Senate Officer in the case that no nominations are received by the April 1 deadline. This proposal remedies that omission and provides a mechanism to ensure positions are filled by the end of the academic year.



Senate Executive Committee, Committee on Committees


Academic Senate; Senators




An additional subsection shall be added to Article 3.3, as detailed below.
Article 3.3

g) In the event that no nominations are received for a Senate Officer position by the April 1 deadline, nominations will remain open until a nomination has been accepted per item (ii) below or until one week after the last regularly scheduled spring meeting of the Academic Senate, whichever comes first. Should a nomination be accepted per item (ii), the open call process detailed in i) through vi) will remain in effect, even if the timing extends beyond the week after the last regularly scheduled spring meeting of the Academic Senate. The Committee on Committees will manage the open call process. If the open call process does not result in filling the Senate Officer position, the Senate Executive Committee will meet and choose one or two Senate Executive Committee members to serve in that position for the following year. The Senate Executive Committee will carry out this duty and announce the result prior to the end of the academic year.

  1. An announcement will be made that the call for nominations for the unfilled senate office remains open.
  2. Any nominations made during this open call process must be accompanied by a platform
    statement; nominations will not be accepted without a platform statement.
  3. Once any nomination(s) is (are) accepted within this open call process, all senators will
    be notified by email from Academic Senate that one or more nominations have been
  4. The “send” time and date of this notification email will start a “clock”: any other
    nominations (with platform statements) received within three days (72 hours) of the
    notification email will be accepted.
  5. An election for the senate office position in question will commence four days (96 hours)
    after the send time of the notification email and will last one week.
  6. Article 3.3(e) and (f) will hold for any Article 3.3(g) election, with the exception of the
    “… before the last regularly scheduled Senate meeting of the Academic year” clause.
    This process will take place only if the April 1 deadline passes without nominations for a
    position, otherwise nominations submitted after April 1 will not be considered for any senate officer position.


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