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  • Policy Number: SP.016.001
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Student Academic Policies and Procedures: Sean Carswell, Colleen Forest, Tiina Itkonen (co-Chair), Paul Murphy (co-Chair), Todd Oberson (advisory), Christina Smith, Brian Thoms
  • Approved By: Academic Senate
  • Approval Date: 11/15/16
  • Effective Date: Fall 2017
  • Supercedes: SP.13.003


Update policy to remove approval signatures from program chair and Vice President for Academic Affairs during week four of the semester, in courses taught in traditional 16-week semester; extend policy to semesters of different lengths The additional signatures place undue burden on both students and program chairs.  Requiring only instructor approval will also facilitate students finalizing their schedules by the deadline.


Replaces SP 13-03. Under SP13-03 students needed to obtain both instructor and program chair signatures to add a class during the fourth week of a 16-week semester. In practice, Records and Registration has not been requiring a signature from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Arts & Sciences chairs were consulted and agreed that obtaining chair signature places an undue burden on the students and chairs.



Records and Registration


All CSU Channel Islands students.




Within the first three weeks of a typical 16-week semester, or within the first 20% of an alternate length semester, students may request permission numbers from the instructor to add a course.

Additions to a student’s schedule requiring a Time Conflict form or Additional Unit Authorization require an administrative override.

During the fourth week of instructional time, or between 21-27% of an alternate length semester, a student may request permission to add a class with the written approval of the instructor, as indicated by his/her signature on the appropriate form.

Students are not permitted to add a class beyond the fourth week of instructional time of a 16-week semester, or after the first 27% of an alternate length semester.  Exceptions may be made only in cases of extenuating circumstances outside of the student’s control and when the student has been attending the course and is current with all coursework.  In this case, written approval by the instructor, the program chair, and the dean (or designee) will be required.



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