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  • Policy Number: SP.15.015
  • Version: Revision 2
  • Drafted By: Jeanne M. Grier
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 6/15/15
  • Effective Date: 6/15/16
  • Supersedes: SP.10.010











CI: California State University Channel Islands

General Personnel Standards (GPS): A set of guidelines that define the requirements for retention, tenure, and promotion that are to be used when a program ares has not created Program Personnel Standards (PPS).

Professional Development Plan (PDP): A document developed by a faculty member that outlines how they will achieve the requirements outlined in Program Personnel Standards (PPS) or the General Personnel Standards (GPS), if no PPS has been created in their program.

Personnel Action File (PAF): The one official file containing employment information and information that may be relevant to personnel recommendations or personnel actions regarding a faculty unit employee.

Program Personnel Committee (PPC): A committee created for the purposes of review of a faculty member for retention, tenure , and promotion. The composition of the PPC is stipulated in each Program Personnel Standard (PPS) for the program area (see below). PPC members review and evaluate in writing the portfolio of each faculty member to be considered for retention, tenure, and promotion.

Program Personnel Standards (PPS): A set of guidelines developed by a program area that define the requirements for retention, tenure, and promotion.

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP): The contractual process by which a faculty member is retained, tenured, and promoted.

University Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee (URTPC): A committee with college-level representation that is elected by the faculty for the purposes of university-wide review of a faculty member for retention, tenure, and promotion. URTPC reviews and comments on proposed PPS, or revisions there to, and recommend approval, disapproval, or amendments to the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPSA for counselors). URTP evaluates and takes recommendations regarding retention, tenure, and promotion actions.

Working Personnel Action File (WPAF): The Working Personnel Action File, also known as the "Portfolio", refers to that portion of the Personnel Action File prepared by the faculty member and used during the time of periodic evaluation or performance review of a faculty unit employee.


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Appendix A: Checklist for Working Personnel Action File (Attached in PDF File)
Appendix B: Guidelines for Developing Program Personnel Standards (Attached in PDF File)

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