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  • Policy Number: SP.14.016
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Phil Hampton
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 6/8/15
  • Effective Date: 8/19/15
  • Supersedes: N/A


This policy defines in general terms the position of the Faculty Director for the Mission Centers, the generic responsibilities entailed, and outlines a formal process for selection and rotation of Faculty Directors.


The Four Mission Pillars at CI are faculty-led and –created entities, working in partnership with other University divisions. While each is unique, all share similarities as well. Ideally, while each Mission Center will develop its own by-laws which specify the requisite qualifications for service, the length of term, how selection will occur, and the expectations of the post, in the absence of such policy, this shall serve as a uniform template.



At such time as a Center Director completes his or her term of service, the Center Board of Directors or Governing Body, shall announce a call for candidates to faculty at large and hold elections to select a Faculty Director for the next term of Service. Such elections should occur in the spring prior to the new term of service beginning in the fall semester.

The Center Director elections shall be handled by the Committee on Centers and Institutes as the body providing oversight to the Centers.


The mission centers: Center for International Affairs, Center for Multicultural Engagement, Center for Community Engagement, and the Center for Integrative Studies.


The job of the Mission Center Faculty Director is to:

  1. Provide leadership in accomplishing the mission, goals and objectives of the Mission Center;
  2. Provide leadership in meeting the tenets of the Mission Center strategic plan;
  3. Be a strong advocate for the Center and its goals;
  4. Communicate effectively with the faculty;
  5. Coordinate and cooperate with other on and off-campus programs;
  6. Provide leadership in developing scholarly activities related to the enhancement of the mission goals;
  7. Provide leadership in developing  coursework or certificates related to the enhancement of the mission goals;
  8. Schedule workshops and special events (seminars, speakers, etc.) with sufficient notice to the campus community;
  9. Work cooperatively with the other Mission Center Directors and with the Committee on Centers and Institutes to plan educational and other events to maximize resources; and
  10. Seek additional resources in the form of grants and other funding as appropriate.


Unless otherwise specified in Center By-laws, the faculty director will be a tenure-track/ tenured faculty or full time lecturer on a three year contract who has served at least one term on the governing board of the Mission Center of which s/he seeks to lead or leads, or who has demonstrated expertise in the Mission area in service and/or scholarship. S/he shall be a faculty member recognized for appropriate expertise and understanding of the issues associated with that particular Center. Like Program Chairs, all Faculty Directors serve at the behest of the President but are nominated by the Committee on Centers and Institutes and/or the appropriate Center board for a three-year, renewable term. Interested individuals shall be able to self-nominate for the director’s post as well. Candidates for Faculty Directorships should inform their program chairs and appropriate administrator of their candidacy for planning purposes.

Nominations for the Center Director elections shall be handled by the Committee on Centers and Institutes as the body providing oversight to the Centers. The election of a Center Director shall be handled by the Committee on Committees through a vote of the Academic Senate. The results of the elections will be reported to the Provost’s Office. The Provost’s Office will then generate the letter of appointment.



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