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  • Policy Number: SP.12.009
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Julia Balen, Andrea Grove, Beth Hartung
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


In addition to the GE goals outlined in Revised SP 06-06 students graduating with a minor in Freedom & Justice Studies will be able to:

    • Articulate the relationship among freedom, social justice, ethics, and responsibility in personal, social, and political contexts;
    • Demonstrate knowledge of and appreciation for diverse understandings of freedom and justice across different cultural contexts.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of social movements for freedom and justice across times and cultures;
    • Engage in integrative critical inquiry into personal, societal, or cultural beliefs and practices especially around issues of social differences or injustice;
    • Apply this knowledge and integrative critical inquiry to develop and implement plans of action to create greater freedom and justice for all.
  • How does the Minor support the University’s Mission and Strategic Goals?

This minor integrates the Mission Pillars through the explicit use of multicultural and international perspectives understood across disciplines and enacted through civic engagement. The minor meets the university’s strategic initiative for student access, retention, and success by offering a place for focused intellectual inquiry into issues such as race, class, gender, sexuality—issues that may be particularly important for underrepresented students.

  • Provide a catalog description of the Minor. Use the format in which it will appear in the catalog, including a program description, careers associated with the minor, and faculty names and titles.


Provide a description of the Minor and its Student Learning Outcomes. This minor represents an evolutionary shift in identity-based fields of study such as women’s and the various ethnic studies programs that developed out of civil-rights movements. The minor (and the major on the Academic Master Plan for 2014) creatively integrates and extends the substantive knowledge and methodologies developed in these fields with a view to creating 21st century ways to address the foundations of social justice. Freedom and justice are values that not only fueled the development of identity-based fields but also are values fundamental to the U.S. and nations that envision a post-imperialist world. Nowhere are these important values programmatically explored in relationship to each other. This minor provides an innovative cross-cultural, interdisciplinary intellectual inquiry into the interrelationship of freedom and justice as these concepts have been understood across times and cultures. With a foundation in philosophical practices, the areas of major concern in the program include race, class, and gender inequities, ethnic conflict, human rights, and economic and environmental justice in the context of globalization. Students may choose to develop an emphasis in ethnic, gender, sexuality, class, social business, or environmental studies as well as others as the campus develops broader related programming.









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