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  • Policy Number: SP.12.008
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Taskforce on Distance Learning with the following members: Minder Chen (co-chair), Jill Leafstedt (co-chair), Sean Anderson, Manuel Correia, Stephen Clark, Nian-Sheng Huang, Gary Berg, and Michael Berman
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 3/13/13
  • Effective Date: 3/13/13
  • Supersedes: N/A


This policy will ensure that the modes of instruction (i.e., standard, blended, and online) in course offerings are properly listed in the class schedule.









The following definitions shall be used to define the mode of instruction for course offerings.

  • Online course offering: a course offering in which more than 70% of the course sessions occur online. Course sessions may be synchronous (meet online at the same time) or asynchronous (meet online different times).
  • Blended course offering: a course offering that combines face-to-face class sessions with online sessions. To be considered blended a course will meet online for 30% to 70% of class sessions. Online class sessions may be synchronous or asynchronous.
  • Standard course offering: a course offering in which no more than 30% of the course sessions occur online.


The following guidelines shall apply to online and blended course offerings:

  1. Online and blended course offerings will be identified in the official schedule of classes. The schedule of classes will notify students whether such courses are synchronous or asynchronous and about any software and hardware requirements for participation in online class sessions. The program is responsible for indicating the mode of instruction when the course schedule is submitted.
  2. Online, blended, and standard course offerings will be consistent in terms of student learning outcomes, quality, assessment, and purpose with other courses bearing the same program and course number. Online or blended course offerings will meet all Curriculum Committee requirements.
  3. Students enrolled in online and blended classes



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