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  • Policy Number: SP.12.002
  • Version: Revision 3
  • Drafted By: Student Academic Policies and Procedures: Stephen Clark, Chair; Gina Farrar, Tiina Itkonen, Beatrice de Oca, Nitika Parmar, Cindy Wyels
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: Fall 2013
  • Effective Date: Fall 2013
  • Supersedes: SP.09.004


To replace Policy SP 09-04. Blue highlights added from senate discussion on 11-13.




 The Forgiveness of Previously Earned Grade Policy may be used only by undergraduate students. It may not be used by graduate/post baccalaureate students working on master's degrees, graduate certificates, or teaching credentials, or by unclassified post baccalaureate students, even when they might take undergraduate courses. This policy applies only to courses taken at CSU Channel Islands and repeated at CSU Channel Islands. In the case of a repeated course, the subsequent grade is substituted for the earlier one in the computation of units attempted and grade point average. Note that the replacement grade could be lower than the original grade. The previous course grade(s) remain(s) on the record, but is/are annotated as being discounted from grade point average calculations.

  1. Undergraduate students may repeat up to a total of twelve (12) semester units taken at CI for forgiveness.
  2. Undergraduate students may repeat an individual course for grade forgiveness no more than once (2 times total).
  3. This policy may be used only on grades of "WU," "F," D-, "D," "D+," "C-," “NC” or "IC."
  4. Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.
  5. Beyond the 12 semester units that can be replaced for grade forgiveness, up to 12 units of coursework may be repeated. These 12 units that can be repeated will be averaged into the GPA without replacing the previously received grades.











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