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  • Policy Number: SP.10.004
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Donald Rodriguez, Sean Anderson, Christopher Cogan
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 9/30/10
  • Effective Date: 9/30/10
  • Supercedes:


The Master of Science in Coastal Sustainability is a multidisciplinary degree that focuses on contemporary problems and conflicts arising from increased use of coastal areas and emphasizes ecological restoration, land use practices, and the evaluation of alternative policy management solutions in the coastal zone. The M.S. in Coastal Sustainability trains students in an array of scientific methodologies and the practical application of research skills to identify and solve environmental problems unique to the coastal zone. Students will gain proficiency in ecological restoration, geospatial assessment strategies, quantitative data analysis, evaluation of land use practices, teaching environmental science and resource management concepts, and the human dimensions of coastal management. Students will learn to design, administer, monitor and evaluate land use and restoration plans that can help public and private organizations respond to changing ecological conditions in the coastal zone. Graduates in Coastal Sustainability will be well equipped to either pursue a doctoral degree in various related science fields (marine science, ecology, geography, etc.) or to begin or continue careers in land use planning, ecological restoration, protected area management, GIS, education, interpretation, program analysis, grant writing, public policy or outreach. The Master of Science degree in Coastal Sustainability will prepare students who skillfully integrate ecological theory, research methods, and professional ethics; while also providing meaningful and practical opportunities for field experience and internships. 


Coastal Sustainability integrates well with all four University Pillars as well as the overall campus goals of providing a 21st Century workforce capable of dealing effectively with current and future challenges in Ventura County. The M.S. in Coastal Sustainability directly addresses two CSUCI strategic initiatives 1) Increasing enrollment and research in STEM disciplines. The program will target women and increase enrollment of underrepresented students in STEM fields and 2) Developing curriculum and increasing student engagement in sustainability. Mobilizing and preparing a workforce for the much-lauded Green Economy has been identified as a priority for the CSU, State of California, and the Nation as a whole.



Environmental Science and Resource Management Program






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