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  • Policy Number: SP.10.002
  • Version: Original 
  • Drafted By: Faculty Affairs Committee 2010-2011: Virgil Adams, Bob Bleicher, Minder Chen, Debra Hoffmann, Sean Kelly, Nancy Mozingo, Luda Popenhagen
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


The purpose of the Grant-Related/Specially-Funded Instructional Faculty (GRIF) appointment policy is to establish the means by which instructional faculty can be granted a GRIF appointment. GRIF appointments allow Channel Islands to recognize outstanding research contributions through the use of non-state resources to supplement or augment salary during the period of the GRIF appointment.







This policy applies to California State University Channel Islands (CI) tenured, probationary, and full-time lecturer faculty.


GRIF - a temporary appointment status into which tenured, probationary, or full-time lecturer faculty may be placed, which allows them to be paid between five and thirty-five percent above their regular salary.  The appointment can be used for grant-funded faculty assignments as well as faculty assignments funded by gifts and bequests or by Foundation allocations


II. Eligibility

A GRIF appointee must be an individual of regional, national, or international professional stature. The purpose of the GRIF appointment is to permit a temporary classification change for individual faculty members whose extraordinary accomplishments or levels if externally funded scholarship impose extra requirements for leadership and accountability, skills and efforts.

1. Only a tenured, probationary, or full-time lecturer faculty member in an academic department or equivalent unit may apply for a GRIF appointment.

2. A GRIF appointment can only occur with the approval of the President or designee.

III. Terms and Conditions

1. Each GRIF appointment is to be made for one academic year or a twelve (12) month period only.  Subsequent appointments require submission of a full application as defined below and within the limits of the external support.

2. No tenure accrual or salary rights are attached to this appointment. An individual retains tenure rights, if any, and salary normally accruing from a regular faculty appointment.

3. Appointment does not constitute a promotion; nor does the non-renewal of an appointment constitute   a demotion.

4.  Non-state funds must be identified to cover the GRIF salary differential percentage to be added to the General Fund portion of the GRIF position. 

5. The faculty member's grant and contract activity must clearly be related to the faculty member’s University responsibilities.

IV. Application Process

GRIF Application and Process to Include:

  1. A letter from the faculty member to the appropriate administrator via the respective program chair, requesting a GRIF appointment.  The eligible faculty member must specify in writing the GRIF additional salary differential percentage and the source(s) of external funds from which the GRIF differential will be paid. If the funding comes from a grant, evidence that the expenditure is allowable on the grant must be presented.
  2. A letter of evaluation from a program review panel consisting of at least three tenured faculty members. The letter should include the names of the panel chair and other faculty panel members. The evaluation should include whether the GRIF applicant is a demonstrably distinguished faculty member who meets the eligibility criteria and whether the panel recommends approval of the GRIF appointment.

IV. Application Process (cont.) 

  1. A letter of evaluation from the program chair which should include whether the GRIF applicant is a demonstrably distinguished faculty member who meets the eligibility criteria and whether the program chair recommends approval of the GRIF appointment.
  2. A letter of evaluation from the appropriate administrator.  If the appropriate administrator supports the appointment, he/she should specify the recommended GRIF salary differential percentage.
  3. The Provost must approve all GRIF appointments.  Approval or denial of the application is communicated via a letter from the Provost to the applicant, with copies to the appropriate administrator and program chair.

PLEASE NOTE:  GRIF faculty entering into the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) will have a full-time monthly salary equal to their regular Academic Year full-time monthly salary.  The GRIF classification is not included in the eligible classifications for FERP.

Per contractual agreement with CFA, the CSU may not employ system-wide more than 100 faculty in the GRIF classification in any one year.



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