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  • Policy Number: SP.01.021
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: William H. Adams, Frank Barajas (Chair), Lillian Vega-Castaneda, William Cordeiro, Ivona Grzegorczyk, Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Joan Karp, Jack Reilly, Kevin Volkan
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


In addition to the traditional objective of preparing teachers, the CSUCI Liberal Studies Program intends to give students the opportunity to experience knowledge, which resides at the intersection of traditional areas of study. This program also seeks to give students the opportunity for more in depth study in a specific discipline under the direct tutoring of a faculty mentor. Upon graduation it is expected that Liberal Studies graduates will have a number of excellent career options including:

  • becoming teachers with a multiple subject credential
  • entering positions in public and private organizations
  • entering into graduate and professional programs.









Interdisciplinary Option - This option allows students to choose from the wide variety of interdisciplinary courses offered at CSUCI. In addition to the Liberal Studies Core Courses, student choosing this option are required to take 21 units of interdisciplinary courses.

Concentrated Studies Option - This option allows a student to work closely with a faculty advisor to design a program of courses that enable a student to make a concentrated study in a specific discipline.

Teaching & Learning Option - This option prepares students for the multiple subject teaching credential. Courses required under this option are set by CSUCI and state regulations governing credentialing of teachers.

Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies program provides an education that allows students the opportunity to experience knowledge residing at the intersection of traditional areas of study. Students choose from three options; Interdisciplinary Program, Concentrated Studies, or Teaching and Learning.

Liberal Studies Interdisciplinary Option students will be in demand by corporations as well as non-profit and government organizations. These graduates will have flexible problem solving skills and breadth of knowledge allowing them to excel in positions that require rapid on-the-job acquisition of knowledge and experience.

Students in the Concentrated Studies Option will have an opportunity to study in-depth with a specific faculty member. This option will appeal to students who want greater flexibility in designing their COW'Se of study or for non-traditional students who need the greater flexibility this degree offers in order to complete their education. It is also expected that some students in the Concentrated Studies Option will use the Liberal Studies program to 'test the waters' of more other degree programs and that this major will provide a jumping off point into the traditional majors.

Liberal Studies majors have traditionally gone on to teaching careers. The need for teachers who can draw from many areas of knowledge is especially acute and it is expected that graduates from the Teaching and Learning option will be in high demand.

All Liberal Studies options will provide an excellent broad-based background for entry into professional and/or graduate programs.

In addition to the program options, all Liberal Studies students will choose from core courses in the following areas: Reading, Literature & Language, History & Social Science, Math, Science, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Human Development, Humanities, Multicultural Studies, Performing Arts, and Computer Literacy.



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