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  • Policy Number: SA.01.004
  • Version: 3
  • Drafted By: Cindy Derrico
  • Approved By: Richard Yao
  • Approval Date: 1/30/23
  • Effective Date: 1/30/23
  • Supercedes: SA.01.002


The death of a student represents a loss for the campus community, as well as for the family and friends of the deceased. The University’s response to the death of a student will be guided by respect and dignity for the student, the student’s family and friends, as well as respect for the family’s wishes and privacy.


This policy is intended to assist University personnel who gain first knowledge of such situations and those who by title or delegation of responsibility become involved in the numerous and necessary University activities borne of such unfortunate events. Such a policy also shall ease the administrative burden of other University offices and address the needs of the student and their family in a timely manner.



Dean of Students
University Registrar


All California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) students.


CSUCI Student – All currently enrolled, former, and matriculated students at CSUCI. This also includes
students in Open University, Extended Education, and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.


The University’s response to a CSUCI student death entails coordination with the family of a student and a series of administrative actions to settle accounts and close academic and personnel records. Notifications to fellow students, to staff and faculty, or the broader campus community may occur with the permission of, and in keeping with, the wishes of the student’s family. As outlined in the corresponding exhibits, notification responsibilities and administrative logistics shall be managed by the Dean of Students, or their designee. The Dean of Students will maintain and implement the Death of a Student Procedure which will guide the work of communication with the students’ family, notification to members of the campus community responsible for settling the administrative and academic aspects of the deceased student’s enrollment at the University, and to other faculty, students, and staff. Any member of the campus community who becomes aware of the death of a current or former CSUCI student should notify the Dean of Students who will make contact with the deceased student’s family and begin the implementation of notifications as outlined in the Death of a Student procedure. The custodian of Academic records is the University Registrar. The Registrar, or their designee, will determine if the University has obtained appropriate consent from the next of kin (or their legal designee) prior to any disclosure of educational records. Every effort will be made to preserve the integrity of the academic record of the deceased in order to prevent identity theft and the fraudulent use of course work, degrees or certificates awarded to the deceased. The CSUCI Policy on Degrees Awarded Posthumously (SP 06-10) addresses authority and eligibility for
awarding of a posthumous degree in the name of a deceased student.


DSA Procedure for Responding to the Death of a Student
How To Guide: Authorization to Release – Online FERPA Release Procedure
Policy on Degrees Awarded Posthumously (SP 06-10)

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