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  • Policy Number: IT.01.003
  • Version:
  • Drafted By:
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date: 10/29/18
  • Effective Date: 10/29/18
  • Supercedes: IT.01.002


The California State University (the CSU or the University) is a public institution committed to the ideals of academic freedom and freedom of expression. To promote these ideals, the CSU uses and offers access to a variety of information systems, data, and network resources, hereafter referred to as information assets. These standards support and provide additional guidance for those implementing the Information Security Data Classification Standard. The unauthorized collection, modification, deletion, disclosure, or misuse of CSU information assets can compromise the mission of the University, violate individuals’ rights to privacy, or constitute a criminal act.


This standard supports and derives its scope from the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Section 8000 Information Security Policy, policy 8065.00 on Information Asset Management.



The University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for ensuring that a Data Classification Policy Standard is in place and enforced.


The ICSUAM Policies and Standards apply to all information assets governed by the system-wide information security policies.




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