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  • Policy Number: FA.45.001
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Ysabel Trinidad
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 9/16/13
  • Effective Date: 9/16/13
  • Supersedes: N/A


The allocation of space is critical to accomplishing the Mission of the University. Like other University assets, space is a finite resource. Decisions regarding space, therefore, must be made both thoughtfully and in agreement with criteria that meets the needs of the University. With this understanding, the following policy has been developed to manage space utilization at CSU Channel Islands.






The University President & Vice Presidents


All University Divisions


USPC - University Space Planning Committee


Fundamental Principles for Space Allocation:

  1. The allocation and use of space should support and advance the CSUCI Mission, the Academic Master Plan and the campus Strategic Plan.
  2. Space is a limited resource and is not owned by Divisions, programs or current occupants;
  3. Space allocations are made to units, not to individuals.
  4. Vice Presidents are responsible for ensuring that entities under their control comply with University policies regarding space.
  5. Space will be allocated according to the following priorities:
    1.  Academic programs and units will be given priority in space allocation for classrooms and other teaching facilities, curricular needs that address the availability of safe and accessible teaching space to meet course offerings is of the highest priority.
    2. Teaching facilities shall not be depleted as a result of space reallocation.
    3. The clustering of cross-disciplinary programs should be facilitated; space allocation should encourage these endeavors.
    4. After academic programs, support services and academic projects are next in priority.
  6. Space allocation shall be transparent; programs and individuals should have the opportunity to participate.
  7. All commitments of space and correlated funding issues for the following should be reviewed by the USPC prior to obligating the institution. In their deliberations, the committee should consider the following
    1.   Functionality / utility / efficiency of space
    2. Improvement and infrastructure costs (phones, data, locks, maintenance, etc), availability of funding to support project
    3. Duplications of space
    4. Urgency of need
    5. Impacts on other University space or programs
  8. The USPC will consider proposals and requests for space on both a temporary basis and on a permanent basis.
  9. Final authority of all space allocations and assignments rests with the President. 

Custody and Control of Space:

  1. Change in Function – Space must be used for its intended purpose. Space already assigned to an individual administrative unit may be reassigned internally within the administrative unit with approval of the Divisional VICE PRESIDENT. Such reassignments must be reported to USPC within 30 days. This does not include reassignment of vacated space.
  2. Classroom Space- Both program controlled and centrally scheduled classroom areas are protected from conversion to other uses unless the requesting administrative unit (1)identifies replacement space, (2) makes a formal request through the Space Request Process, and (3) the conversion is recommended by the USPC.
  3. All vacated space reverts to the USPC for review and recommendation for reassignment.

  4. New usable space created by construction, remodeling, reassignment of adjacent space, or by allocation of currently unallocated space is subject to the review of the USPC.

  5. All space conflicts must be reviewed by the USPC; the USPC will develop a plan for review by the Cabinet, with final authority by the President.

  6. Administrative units requesting additional space, a change in the reallocation of space,
    or change in use of space, must submit a request to the USPC. The administrative head making the request(s) may be invited to appear before the USPC.
  7. Grants/Contracts – All grants or contracts that require additional space not under the control of the administrative unit must note the need for the space on the proposal
    routing sheet for approval by the appropriate Vice President prior to the grant

Space Request Process:

  1. The Space Request Form is used to request space.
  2. Requests should be emailed to the Executive Administrative Assistant of the Provost by the 15th of the month to be included on the next month's agenda.
  3. The Committee will review the requests and either ask for more information or send a recommendation to the President for final approval.


Space Request Form

Space Advisory Committee

Policies and Administrative Directives

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