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  • Policy Number: FA.40.005
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Ray Porras 
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 4/8/16
  • Effective Date: 4/5/16
  • Supercedes: FA.83.003 


California State University Channel Islands (CI), hereafter referred to as CI, has as its primary responsibility the offering of instructional programs to its students. Instruction and instructionally-related use of the facilities and grounds must, therefore, have highest priority. At the same time, the University has a strong commitment to support the intellectual and cultural life of the campus and the surrounding community.

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to those individuals or groups that desire to utilize University buildings or grounds for activities other than scheduled instruction, testing and campus administrative meetings.  This policy is not intended to supersede any provision of any Collective Bargaining Agreement or an individual’s free speech and assembly rights afforded in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This policy is intended to:

  • promote and enhance general guidelines for the use of University buildings and grounds,
  • protect the mission and the image of the University,
  • ensure the safe use of University buildings and grounds,
  • provide a mechanism to resolve conflicts and
  • establish the Conferences and Events office (C&E) as the area responsible for the use of University buildings and grounds.


This policy is in accordance with Title 5, Division 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 5, Article 9 of the California Code of Regulations; Sections 89031, 89046, and 89700 of the California Education Code; Section 8752 of the State Administrative Manual (SAM); CSU Executive Order 829; and CSU Code ABS 87-36.



Accountability for this policy rests with the Director of Conferences & Events (C&E) and the Vice Presidents.


This policy applies to all individuals, divisions, departments, programs and auxiliaries on the campuses of CSU Channel Islands.




The University permits individuals and groups to use campus buildings and grounds for activities other than scheduled instruction.  While this is so, it is recognized that the facilitation of scheduled instruction is the institution’s highest scheduling priority.  The second priority is the scheduling of activities and events that directly support the instructional mission such as: scholarly and creative activities organized by faculty and students; visual and performing arts; co-curricular programs; intercollegiate or recreational meets and activities; public programs offered by Extended University; administrative activities; camps and conferences; grant and contract activities; and student recruitment and yield-enhancing events and programs.  The third scheduling priority is hosting activities and events that may not support the institutional mission. Events that fall under this category can include, but are not limited to sporting events, special occasions and meetings.    

The President has established Conferences & Events (C&E) for the purpose of approving and establishing time, place, and manner directives for all activities or events other than scheduled instruction.  Decisions rendered by C&E may be appealed to the Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs.


The President may delegate to specific organizations authority to schedule University facilities, including the grounds. Where use of specific facilities is covered by separate agreements approved by the President, the procedures adopted by the separate agencies shall be followed for the lease of those facilities. This provision includes:

  • Foundation
  • Extended University
  • Associated Students, Inc.
  • University Glen Corporation, Inc.
  • Site Authority

The right to use University facilities does not confer the right to use the University name or to imply University sponsorship or endorsement of an event. The University name and/or logo may be used if it is in the best interest of the University as determined by the Director of Communication& Marketing. All agreements for use of University buildings and grounds shall include terms to insure that the University’s name is protected.


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CSU Handbook on Free Speech Issues, 2009