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  • Policy Number: FA.02.001
  • Version: Original - Consent
  • Drafted By:Missy Jarnagin
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 3/25/13
  • Effective Date: 3/25/13
  • Supersedes: N/A


To provide guidelines for authorization and expense reimbursement of official University business travel.


As official business travel is necessary for the operation of the University, it is essential to provide a framework by which individuals can plan/request travel authorization and report and claim reimbursements for travel expenses incurred. Supervisors must approve travel requests before the travel occurs in order to document that employees are authorized to travel on University business. 



The Vice President, Finance and Administration, administers this policy at California State University Channel Islands. Questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints should be directed to the Accounts Payable Lead.


This policy applies to all individuals traveling on authorized University business, such as employees, volunteers, applicants, consultants, students and others. Supervisors who authorize business travel and approve expense reimbursements are responsible for ensuring that travel is for appropriate business purposes. They must further verify that reimbursement claims are submitted in accordance with the terms and processes as documented in the associated California State University Channel Islands Travel Procedures. All individuals traveling on official University business must adhere to the terms and processes as documented in the Travel Procedures and submitting accurate expense reimbursement claims in a timely manner. Accounts Payable is responsible for reviewing travel reimbursement claims and processing payment of claims in accordance with the terms and processes as documented in the Travel Procedures. Accounts Payable is also responsible for providing travel policy training to employees and maintaining the Travel Procedures.




CSUCI policy is to reimburse employees and other travelers for necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized University business as documented in the Travel Procedures. The intent of this policy is that reimbursement be fair and equitable to both the traveler and the University. Individuals traveling on University business must comply with the terms and processes as described in the Travel Procedures and exercising the same care in incurring expenses as they would in personal travel.


Travel Procedures

Integrated California State University Administrative Manual (ICSUAM)

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