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  • Policy Number: CM.03.002
  • Version: Revision 1
  • Drafted By: Nancy C. Gill
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date: 10/17/16
  • Effective Date: 10/17/16
  • Supersedes: N/A


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that global emails specifically target a campus-wide audience or disperse information deemed as critical University business or of an urgent nature.


As the University continues to grow, it is the intent of this policy to outline various types of global email announcements or notifications acceptable to be sent to the campus community.



Office of the President, Provost, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Technology & Communication, the Chief of Police and the Director of Communication & Marketing.


All CSUCI faculty, staff, University auxiliary groups, and lessees.


Global Email: an email message for campus-wide distribution.


To encourage effective communication for campus constituents, the use of campus global email messages will be reserved to the following instances:

  1. Emergency, health, or safety issues (e.g. environmental health and safety warnings; campus closures or evacuations; general safety; police alerts or notifications including imminent danger or affect (e.g.  networks will go down shortly or buildings will be closed very soon); and local traffic conditions  significantly impacting the campus).
  2. Messages or announcements at the discretion of the University President, Provost or Vice Presidents.
  3. Messages or announcements to all CSU employees at the direction of the Chancellor’s Office.
  4. Announcements by Human Resources regarding University employment matters (e.g. benefits, deadlines, available support services and training, alternate work schedules, requests for catastrophic leave, and employment service or recognition events).
  5. Presidential or campus-wide events, e.g. ACE activities, Commencement, Campus Reading Celebration, Discover CSUCI, Family Weekend, Honors Convocation, New Student Orientation, University Open House, and ground-breakings and grand-openings for new buildings or facilities.
  6. Construction information (building closures, construction updates, road delays).
  7. System failures or upgrades (e.g. network interruptions, maintenance, or upgrades; and power outages and other disruptions of, or changes to essential services).
  8. Change in hours for campus services (e.g. Library, dining hall, student union, bookstore, coffee shop, or other tenants who offer campus-wide services).
  9. Surveys and/or results approved for distribution by the office of Institutional Research.
  10. University-approved internal electronic newsletter, Wavelength.

Examples of situations where campus global emails should not be sent include:

  1. Event announcements or reminders (e.g. speakers, lectures, presentations, workshops, and division-, department-, area-, or student-sponsored award ceremonies, etc.).
  2. Electronic newsletters for programs or departments.
  3. Information regarding union activities or actions distributed by union campus representatives.
  4. Non-University related events or solicitations for external constituents, agencies, organizations, or individuals.
  5. Personal announcements and/or communication.

Global email announcements allowed will meet the following criteria: 

Content must

  1. Qualify as University-related information or business.
  2. Have relevance to a broad base of faculty, staff or students.
  3. When possible, be limited to 200 words or less and include Web addresses/links to reduce text of the message and the impact on the campus email system.
  4. Include contact person, telephone, and email for further information or questions.

Content cannot contain:

  1. Public debate or personal opinion.
  2. Political statements, endorsements, or non-University related fund raising activities.
  3. Personal items for purchase/rent or sought for purchase/rent.
  4. Advertisements, announcements, or promotions for outside organizations or non-University-related events, activities, or concerns.

University-related messages to share with faculty, staff and students, may be submitted to Communication & Marketing ( for inclusion in the campus electronic newsletter. In addition, events or activities may be posted online through the University Calendar, as public information. 

Items not meeting the outlined criteria and not suited for publication in the University’s electronic newsletter should be posted to department Web sites or emailed to campus constituents through individual distribution lists. 

Questions or inquiries regarding the use of global emails can be directed to the Communication & Marketing office.



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