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  • Policy Number: CM.03.003
  • Version: Revision
  • Drafted By: Nancy Gill
  • Approved By: Richard Yao
  • Approval Date: 4.26.21
  • Effective Date: 4.26.21
  • Supercedes: CM.03.002 


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that relevant and timely CSUCI global emails are sent to employees and tenants, which provide important communication or urgent information related to the University.


It is the intent of this policy to ensure effective, efficient and relevant University communication by outlining the types of announcements, information or notifications that merit global distribution to University employees and tenants.



Senior Executive Director of University Communication and the Vice President for University Advancement.


All CSUCI employees, tenants, and University Auxiliary Services.


Global Email: an email message distributed to all University employees and tenants.

Tenants: businesses authorized to conduct business on University property or external clients who temporarily lease University space. 

University Auxiliary Services: retail and residential dining services, and Conferences & Catering.


To encourage effective communication for campus constituents, the use of global emails to employees and tenants will be reserved for the following instances:

  1. Emergency, health, safety warnings, and campus closures or evacuations.
  2. Messages or announcements at the discretion of the University President, Provost, Vice Presidents, or CSU Chancellor.
  3. Infrastructure issues that will impact the entire campus or are estimated to cause more than 60 minutes of disruption in services (e.g., power outages, lack of water, closure of roads or highways that will affect access to the University from adjoining roadways, i.e., Lewis Road, Camarillo Street, University Drive, or Potrero Road).
  4. Information technology issues, problems or changes that will impact the entire campus or are estimated to cause more than 60 minutes of disruption to services, (e.g., network maintenance, unavailability of the internet or core information technology services, and significant information security incidents (e.g., phishing emails, security breaches).
  5. Change in hours, services or operations that will impact access for a significant portion of the campus community (e.g., Library, Public Safety, Enrollment Center, dining services).
  6. Announcements or information from Human Resources regarding employment matters (e.g., benefits, open enrollment deadlines, support services, whistleblower, requests for catastrophic leave donations, and employment service/recognition events).
  7. Announcements or information from Title IX & Inclusion regarding discrimination, harassment and retaliation, institutional equity, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  8. Announcements or information regarding regional, state or national issues, topics or incidents that may impact a significant number of the campus community (e.g., political, policy or law implications, travel bans, communicable diseases/pandemics).
  9. Information regarding the University’s budget and open forums, strategic plan initiatives, or candidate search visits, hiring appointments or departures for positions at the Cabinet-level, Associate/Assistant Vice President, Dean, or Chief of Police.
  10. Surveys or results approved for employee distribution by the President, Provost or Vice Presidents. Research surveys approved for distribution should include a principal investigator who is CSUCI faculty or staff from a University division, program, or area. Surveys in partnership with external entities (e.g., National Survey of Student Engagement, Diverse Learning Environments Survey, etc.), should have approval from the appropriate Vice President or Provost prior to dissemination to the campus community.
  11. Information from the University’s online News Center or Channel magazine.


Procedure for Global Emails to Employees and Tenants  

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