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  • Policy Number: CM.02.006
  • Version: Revision 1
  • Drafted By: Communication and Marketing
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date: 11/28/16
  • Effective Date: 11/28/16
  • Supercedes: CM.02.005


The purpose of this policy is to encourage postings and signage practices that provide clear information to members of the University community and visitors; promote and maintain educationally viable activities for the benefit of the campus; preserve and enhance the appearance of University buildings and open spaces; and reduce potential hazards to pedestrians and motorists that may result from distracting or incorrect signage.  

This policy does not supersede any provision of any Collective Bargaining Agreement.


The intent of this policy is to address temporary postings/signage within buildings or property controlled by the University.  



The Provost, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs, Vice President for University Advancement, Vice President for Technology & Communication, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Services, Director of Communication & Marketing, Director of Conferences & Events, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Housing & Residential Education and ASI, and academic program chairs. 


All University offices, auxiliaries, staff, students, tenants, and external constituencies, including members of the public.  

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Public safety alerts and public information notifications issued by either the University Police Department or Communication & Marketing during times of potential or current campus emergencies.
  • Notices displayed for classroom relocations or cancellations. 
  • University information or notices for employment/Human Resources, emergency or public safety instructions, the University’s mission statement, academic program posters, or University photographs and awards displayed in public spaces.
  • Temporary signs for construction-related activities.
  • The property manager firm for Kennedy Wilson shall govern requests for commercial postings within the Town Center or on University Glen property.
  • Requests for commercial solicitations or commercial transactions shall adhere to California Code of Regulations, Title V. Education. 


Signage: Flyers/leaflets, posters, banners, brochures, lawn flags, sidewalk chalk, ground-stakes, foot signs, A-frames or sandwich boards, and electronic message boards, affixed or displayed throughout University buildings or spaces   

Public Spaces: Any interior or exterior area that is open for students, visitors, or employees to enter during regular business hours. These areas include, though are not limited to: walls, hallways, corridors, lobbies, conference rooms, courtyards, fences, the University Library, and all other University buildings or property owned or controlled by the University, but excluding University Glen or Town Center property. 


The University will regulate the placement of signage and posted materials. University officials are charged with facilitating the dissemination of campus-related information through the use of appropriate signage and posted materials. Signage in compliance with campus procedures related to location and similar criteria is permitted subject to approval by designated University approvers.


  • Students and student organizations (for non-academically-related postings): Vice President for Student Affairs or her/his designee
  • Students for academically-related postings: academic program chairs or appropriate program faculty 
  • Staff: appropriate Vice President or her/his designee 
  • External Constituencies or non-University related requests: Director of Communication & Marketing or her/his designee. 
  • Non-University events held on the campus: Director of Conferences & Events.
  • University Tenants or Town Center Tenants (for requests to be posted on the main part of the campus): Director of Communication & Marketing or her/his designee.

Approved Methods for Posting, locations, and limitations are specified within General Procedures for Posting and Signage and/or area procedures. 


General Procedures for Posting and Signage

Police & Parking Services A-Frame (Sandwich Boards) Placement Procedures 

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