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  • Policy Number: AA.12.010
  • Version:
  • Drafted By: Ginger Reyes
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date: 08.30.19
  • Supercedes:


To maintain timely and accurate records on admission, enrollment and academic progress and accomplishments of its students, while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.


Title 5 §40601(e) The term “application” means the submission to the campus by the person applying for admission of all documents including official transcripts of all the applicant’s academic records and information which the applicant is required to personally submit, and the payment of any application fee due pursuant to Section 41800.1.



Admissions and the Registrar’s Office


All applicants for admission and any current CSUCI student


Official Transcripts include all prior coursework attempted, withdrawn, completed, and in-progress at all institutions, colleges, universities or high schools.


  1. A transcript is considered official if it is sent directly from the institution of origin to Enrollment Management at CSU Channel Islands. The document must bear the official seal of the institution of origin and the signature of the custodian of records. A transcript hand- carried by the applicant from the institution of origin is also considered official if the envelope is sealed.
  2. Official transcripts are required from all institutions attended, including extension and correspondence courses, even if withdrawal occurred prior to the completion of the course(s). The University reserves the right to determine whether a transcript will be accepted as official. An applicant disregarding these requirements is subject to disciplinary action and may have the application for admission cancelled.
  3. As schools and colleges will send transcripts only upon the request of the student, the responsibility for insuring that official transcripts reach the University rests with the applicant/student.
  4. All transcripts submitted to CSUCI become the property of the University. Students are advised to have their own personal set of transcripts from all institutions attended for advisement. Admissions and the Registrar’s Office will not provide copies from other institutions.
  5. A student admitted on a conditional/provisional basis must submit required final official transcripts by the established deadlines. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of conditional/provisional admission or a hold on further enrollment until final official transcript is received at the discretion of CSUCI.
  6. A student enrolled and attending the University must submit all final official transcripts for work taken at other institutions while concurrently enrolled at CSUCI before filing for graduation. Failure to provide all transcripts will result in a delay of final degree posting. The University reserves the right to determine whether coursework is transferable in accordance with CSUCI, CSU and California State mandates.



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