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  • Policy Number: AA.12.004
  • Version: Consent
  • Drafted By: Ginger Reyes
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 3/30/15
  • Effective Date: 3/30/15
  • Supersedes: SA.02.016


Students are entitled to access their educational records maintained by the University and have an official transcript of record provided to them or their designated recipient.  The policy is revised to include online transcript request.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended (FERPA) 20USC 1232g



University Registrar


Any student who has ever enrolled in an academic program at CSU Channel Islands may request an official transcript.


Official Transcript of Record - shall consist of a summary of the courses for which academic credit, including Continuing Education Units (CEU), is attempted by the student at CSUCI.

Request for Official Transcript - is the authorization from the student to the University to release the above defined transcript of the student’s record.


Records and Registration is the official entity of campus which maintains and issues official transcripts.  An Official Transcript of Record is released upon request of the student.  Such requests must be made by completing the online CSUCI transcript request form.  Transcripts will be issued after receipt of the request and applicable processing fee. All outstanding debts and obligations to the University must be cleared prior to release of transcript.  Transcripts are issued via USPS mail to the recipient designated by the student. Processing times will vary depending on campus closure and grade processing. 



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