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  • Policy Number: UA.11.001
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: University Advancement
  • Approved By: Erika D. Beck
  • Approval Date: 10/16/17
  • Effective Date: 10/16/17
  • Supercedes:


To ensure that all alumni groups’ activities are coordinated through University Advancement Alumni Relations.


A need exists to coordinate all alumni activities to avoid compromising relationships with California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) alumni and to avoid duplicating communication and fundraising activities to serve better alumni for the overall support of the University and its students.

Article 15, Section 89030; sub-section 42397.1 Recognition, Education Code cites clearly the role of university alumni associations and the agreement between the organization and the campus and explicitly defines that the campus president may recognize the campus alumni association as a single campus-wide organization that is the umbrella organization for the constituency alumni groups of the campus.

Amendment 1, Foundation Operating Agreement between Trustees and California State University Channel Islands; Terms and Conditions states that the State recognizes the Auxiliary as the State's exclusive university-wide alumni organization and hereby confers upon the Auxiliary the right to represent itself as such and to use the State's name in the name of the Association and a non-exclusive right to the use of the State’s seal, mascot and logo in Auxiliary’s brochures, publications, advertisements and promotional printings.



Vice President for University Advancement or designee


Any group who identifies themselves as an alumni group, organization or club of CSUCI on or off campus.


Alumni group within this document refers to any collaborative of alumni who are gathered for the purpose of networking, holding events, fundraising, connection or membership. Gatherings may be defined as meetings or online communities.


An individual with intent to start an official alumni group should contact the Director of Alumni Relations to become a recognized entity, network or chapter of the Alumni & Friends Association. Alumni groups may be based on University academic programs, student clubs, enrollment groups (such as EOP), or athletics. Such requests may be made by email or by writing a letter.

Once a request to become a recognized alumni group is received, Alumni Relations will review the request. Alumni Relations reserves the right not to recognize an alumni group if their intended or practiced activities compromise the mission of the University, the campus perception or its students, or if it violates any university policies including policies prohibiting discrimination in our programs or activities.

All recognized alumni groups will then communicate regularly with Alumni Relations in order to manage the communications and activities involved so as not to compromise relationships with alumni and to maintain a positive role in supporting the campus.

Recognized alumni groups may also receive some support from Alumni Relations as resources allow and may be authorized to use the University and Alumni & Friends Association logos.

Alumni groups who do not adhere to this policy or whose activities compromise the Alumni & Friends Association or the University will not be supported or recognized by the University. Further action may be taken if the group violates other University policies



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