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  • Policy Number: SP.10.006
  • Version: Original
  • Drafted By: Faculty Affairs Committee 2010-2011: Virgil Adams, Bob Bleicher, Minder Chen, Debra Hoffmann, Sean Kelly, Nancy Mozingo, Luda Popenhagen
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date:
  • Effective Date:
  • Supersedes:


To delineate a policy covering Retreat Rights of the Administrative Personnel. Tenure may be granted to Administrative Personnel at the discretion of the President. In the brief history of CI, the President has sought input on administrative tenure from the campus' varied constituencies, consulting the faculty and considering their recommendations. These recommendations have been based on the core values of CI faculty: commitment to the university mission, collegiality, and excellence in teaching and scholarship.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our current system of faculty involvement and cross-disciplinary decision-making, the Academic Senate resolves to create a process by which the faculty may evaluate Administrative candidates’ tenurability. These evaluations and the resulting recommendations will be based on application materials that evaluate the qualifications of the candidate that are specific to his/her position among the faculty.







This policy applies to California State University Channel Islands (CI) hires under the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) seeking retreat rights.



The search committee for the administrative position will notify the Provost, the appropriate administrator, and the appropriate Chair(s) of any candidates requesting tenure upon appointment. Chair(s) of the program(s) in which the chosen applicant desires retreat rights initiates review of the candidate's file for the purpose of recommending tenure upon appointment. The Program Chair(s) consults with his/her colleagues who review the candidate's file, taking into account the criteria below, and forwards a recommendation to the appropriate administrator and the Provost. If there is a lack of consensus within the program(s), the Provost shall consult with the RTP committee on the recommendation, and then forward a recommendation to the President, who makes the final decision regarding tenure upon appointment.

General Considerations:

In considering retreat rights for MPP employees faculty and administration should seek to

  1. Reflect CI's unique faculty hiring process by assessing candidates' collegiality, interdisciplinary focus, and excellence in teaching and scholarship;
  1. Ensure the appropriateness of retreat rights in a particular program through consultation with the program(s) into which the candidate would ultimately retreat.
  1. Operate in parallel with the personnel search committee's candidate evaluation, including the candidate’s prior achievement of tenure.

The process of granting retreat rights to MPP employees shall consist of a single level of review at the time of hire by the tenured faculty in the affected program(s) (who may consult probationary faculty) to be managed by the Program Chair(s) of the affected program(s), acting independently of the personnel search committee.

  1. The candidate shall submit his/her C.V. to a committee consisting of all tenured members of the program. In the event a program has fewer than three tenured faculty members, the program shall select tenured faculty from related disciplines to serve on the committee.
  1. The candidate should provide evidence of teaching effectiveness and scholarship.

A recommendation based on a vote of the committee will be forwarded to the president in a timely fashion that respects the needs of expediting the hiring process of the University.



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