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  • Policy Number: FA.83.003
  • Version: Revision 1
  • Drafted By: Ray Porras
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 9/23/08
  • Effective Date: 9/23/08
  • Supersedes: FA.83.001



California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), hereafter referred to as University, has as its primary responsibility the offering of instructional programs to its students. Instruction and instructionally related use of the physical facilities must, therefore, have highest priority.  At the same time, the University has a strong commitment to support the intellectual and cultural life of the campus and the surrounding community.

These regulations are intended to:

  1. promote and enhance general guidelines for use of University facilities,
  2. protect the mission and the image of the University,
  3. insure the safe use of University facilities, and
  4. provide a mechanism to resolve conflicts and to advise the campus president.


California Education Code 89700 (a) Fees, Rents, Deposits, and Charges for Services, Facilities, or Materials >
California Education Code 89046 Lease of University Property
Title V, Article 7, Section 4220 Driving and Parking Vehicles on Campus Property
Title V, Article 7, Section 42201Campus Parking Fees
Title V, Article 9 Use of CSU Buildings and Grounds
Title V, Article 9, Section 43253 Public Meetings, Performances, Rallies, and Similar Events
SAM  (State Administrative Manual) 8752 Full Cost Recovery Policy
CSU Executive Order 829   CSU Insurance Requirements
CSU Code ABS 87-36    Parking Fee Increase and Revised Refund Schedule (Event Parking Fees)



The President shall appoint a coordinator who will maintain the master list of all University facilities, with information about who is responsible for scheduling each facility and the fees involved.


All divisions, departments, and programs within the University structure.




1.000 Scope

1.100 This policy applies to all use of University facilities by groups from the community as well as use by University groups for activities other than scheduled instruction, scholarly and creative activity, testing, and administrative meetings.

1.200 For purposes of this policy, "University facility" shall include all spaces, both interior and exterior, under the jurisdiction of the University or of its auxiliaries, whether on the campus itself or at other locations.

1.300 The University shall set forth in writing the procedures for arranging use of University facilities, and shall provide assistance in arranging such use to those requesting use of University facilities.

1.400 The President may delegate to specific offices authority to schedule University facilities including exterior spaces.

1.500 Where use of specific facilities is covered by separate agreements approved by the President, the procedures adopted by the separate agencies shall be followed for lease of those facilities. This provision includes

  1. Facilities leased to the CSUCI Foundation and operated by the Foundation under site license,
  2. Buildings and grounds owned or leased by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) or University Glen Corporation (UGC).

2.000 Use of the University Name

The right to use University facilities does not confer the right to use the University name or to imply University sponsorship or endorsement of an event. The University name and/or logo may be used if it is in the best interest of the University as determined by the Director of Communications and Marketing.  All agreements for use of University facilities shall include terms to insure that the University name is protected.

3.000 Compatibility with the Mission of the University

3.100 The President of the University has the authority to decide whether a proposed use of University facilities is in accordance with the mission of the University.

3.200 The President of the University has the authority to refuse use of University facilities for events that would pose an unacceptable level of risk to people or property.

4.000 Protection of Instructional Mission of the University

4.100 The primary claim on use of University facilities shall be for scheduled instruction.

4.200 Every effort shall be made to ensure that events do not displace scheduled classes. If, for an exceptional reason, it is necessary for an event to displace a scheduled class, the planners must secure the permission of the Dean of Faculty in Academic Affairs and notify the course instructor and make arrangements at least two (2) weeks in advance to reschedule the class meeting to an alternate location. 

4.300 Access to classrooms and other instructional space shall not be impeded

4.400 When it is necessary to block off a substantial portion of parking spaces for use by visitors at times classes are in session, appropriate notice shall be given in advance to alert students, faculty, and staff that space in the parking lot will not be available. At no time shall such a large part of the parking spaces be committed that students, faculty, and staff are denied a reasonable opportunity to get to classes or workplaces.

5.000 Priorities

5.100 Priorities for use of University facilities shall be in this order:

  1. Instruction and instructionally-related uses
    1. Regular University instructional programs, including summer sessions and other special sessions.
    2. Broad University academic programs, including visual and performing arts, intercollegiate meets and activities, non-degree credit courses, grants and contracts activities, scholarly and creative activities, and other programs and administrative activities that are an integral part of the instructional program.
  2.  Activities, which contribute to the intellectual and cultural life of the campus and  the community
    1. Programs and activities sponsored by established and recognized organizations or support groups of the University, designed to enhance campus life.
    2. Activities sponsored jointly by an on-campus group and off-campus group.
    3. Activities sponsored by off-campus groups which directly complement the University's mission and/or enhance campus life.
    4. Activities sponsored by off-campus groups which indirectly complement the University's mission and/or enhance campus life or the University’s image and standing within the community.

6.000 Events and Facilities Committee

The President shall establish an Events and Facilities Committee (EFC).

7.000 Events and Facilities Use

For facility use, including user fees that may be charged, refer to the Events and Facilities Use Procedural Guidelines and the Facilities Use Agreement.