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  • Policy Number: SA.21.004
  • Version: Revision 4
  • Drafted By: Elizabeth Miller
  • Approved By: Richard R. Rush
  • Approval Date: 04/27/15
  • Effective Date: 04/27/15
  • Supersedes: SA.21.003


To ensure that students elected or appointed as officers in CI student organizations maintain academic and behavioral expectations of a CI leader, to facilitate student involvement and to encourage student organizations to align member requirements with their organization’s purpose.


The CSU memorandum “Minimum Academic Qualifications for Student Office Holders” states, “All student representatives must be matriculated at a CSU campus maintaining a minimum on-campus 2.0 grade point average (GPA) each term, must be in good standing, and must not be on academic, disciplinary or academic probation.  This requirement applies to the major student government offices defined [in the memorandum], minor student representative offices as defined by the campus, and student representatives on system-wide committees.”

Research on college students illustrates that student involvement correlates with retention and intellectual development (Astin, 1977, 1999; Terenzini, Pascarella and Blimling, 1996).



The AVP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, the Student Organization Officer Appeals Committee and the Vice President for Student Affairs.


All currently enrolled students at CSU Channel Islands


Registered - An approved status for student organizations.

Student Organization - A registered group of students organized with a similar interest or acting towards a particular cause.

GPA - Grade Point Average

Student Organization Officer - (referenced as Major Student Government and Minor Student Representative Officers within the CSU memorandum “Minimum Academic Qualifications for Student Office Holders”) CSU Channel Islands defines a Student Organization/Representative Officer as any student who is elected or appointed into a position as delineated by the student organization’s constitution to be an officer.

Student Organization Member - A student in a general membership role without a specific title or job function.


Eligibility requirements will be reviewed each semester by University personnel.

Minimum eligibility requirements to be a member of a student organization at CSU Channel Islands:

  • Must be enrolled as a student at CSU Channel Islands
  • Must adhere to membership requirement established by each student organization that aligns with their purpose. These requirements shall be regulated by the organization.
  • Must  adhere to any restrictions placed on student involvement in student organizations as determined on a case-by-case basis by University Judicial Officers.

Minimum eligibility requirements to be an officer of a student organization at CSU Channel Islands:

  • Must be enrolled in no less than six units at CSU Channel Islands (undergraduates)
  • Must be enrolled in no less than three units at CSU Channel Islands (graduate and credential)
  • Have a cumulative, CI and semester GPA of at least 2.5 (undergraduates)
  • Have a cumulative, CI and semester GPA of at least 3.0 (graduate and credential)
  • Be in good academic and behavioral standing (not on academic or disciplinary probation)
  • Be free of any holds on University records.

An officer who is ineligible due to failing to meet the semester GPA requirement may submit an appeal to the Student Organization Officer Appeals Committee for a one-semester (one-time) probationary status to retain the position(s) held at the time the appeal is submitted. The request must explain the circumstances that led to an unsatisfactory semester GPA and provide an action plan for academic success.  Appeal forms may be obtained from the Student Engagement and Applied Leadership Center. Students may submit an appeal as soon as semester grades are posted but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of each semester.   The Student Organization Officer Appeals Committee will issue decisions by the second Thursday of each semester.  Students may maintain their role as an officer until the appeals committee has issued a final decision. Appeals will not be considered for officers who fall below the CSU mandated requirements or officers of new organizations.

Failure to meet the above requirements will result in the member’s or officer’s removal from office or from the student organization’s roster, whichever is applicable.  In the event that a student organization permits non-eligible members/officers to remain active in their role, the student organization could be placed on probation, suspended from active registration for a designated period of time or lose registered status.

First time in college and transfer students without a CI GPA cannot serve as officers, but may participate as general members their first semester. However, upon completion of their first semester they must follow the eligibility requirements outlined above.

Student organizations may impose more restrictive requirements in their constitution(s) or bylaws.


Executive Order 1068


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